“Tumpane Child care center is a unique child care facility. My children look forward to attending the centre on a daily basis, according to my 8yrs old daughter I like that the teachers are fun, I like the writing table also. The staff at the centre interacts well with the children, and has a personalized routine for each child. It is a rewarding feeling, to know that my children are supported, and encouraged to be themselves while in care of the staff at the centre .

The programs offered at Tumpane enhance the skills of the children and encourage them to embrace their differences. They continuously learn about the importance of multiculturalism.

The newly introduced Montessori program is a brilliant addition; children in the JK room learn to develop their fine motor skills and the importance of working cooperatively. The teachers are professional and exceptionally talented!

I choose this center because of the location, it is located in the same building as Tumpane Public School. The children are accompanied to and from school daily, after school programs are also available at the Daycare. During the summer months, special activities are planned for the children; they have a weekly picnic day and exciting field trips.

This is a supportive and positive environment for children and I would recommend Tumpane Child Care Centre to all parents.”

Judy Anne Harvey