“We are just shy of approaching one year at Tumpane Childcare Centre. I have been extremely happy with the level of service and professionalism at the Centre.

My son (Malachi) loves coming to school each and everyday and even asks to come on weekends. He is very fond of his teachers who are very kind and enthusiastic. The teachers are also so thoughtful and respectful to our family needs. I have the utmost confidence in Malachi`s well-being at the Centre.

The program is well planned out and the newsletter each month keeps me well informed on the activities taking place. This allows me to follow up with Malachi on what he is learning. The concert the Centre put on in June with the children was incredible and the quality of the program was fantastic. This really shows the team effort and spirit with all the staff at its best. The entire team should be commended for their commitment.

I would highly recommend Tumpane Child Centre to anyone with children who are looking to place them into a daycare program.”

Leanne Haughton