Educational Programs

We offer a variety of programs through out
our Child Care Centres in Toronto.

Reading Program

The Reading Program offers Children an introduction to reading and is developmentally appropriate.

This Program utilizes a variety of resources such as activity guides, worksheets and extended learning experiences throughout the classroom.

This Program is designed to help Children achieve language development, comprehension and thinking skills.

Emergent Curriculum

The Emergent Curriculum Program for School Age Children is implemented whereby Children have a say in what themes interest them, and with the teachers supervision they conduct research and hold discussions.

Daily, in the afternoon sessions, homework help is offered to School Age Children.

iPad Program

ICSG introduced an iPad Program to further enhance the educational age appropriate curriculum.

The iPad Program is a very powerful, creative, interactive tool that provides content for endless learning possibilities. The apps are tailored to the Children’s different learning styles providing an opportunity to have easy access to information, making learning fun, engaging, and memorable.

Love Your Heart

This Programs focus is on health, safety and nutrition. Our teachers introduce Children to concepts of healthy living through innovative and educational activities.

Children and families are encouraged to get involved!

Summer Camp Program

A full time Summer Day Camp with a dynamic Program that includes various sports activities and nutritious hot lunches and snacks.

We also have various special interest clubs and have special entertainment scheduled throughout the summer. (Summer camps are not offered at all our locations.)


The Music Program is specifically designed by a professional Music Teacher and implemented weekly for each age group.

Children are introduced to rhythm, beat, tempo and a variety of musical styles and genres with opportunities to sing, dance and move creatively.

Children have the opportunity to learn about and play a variety of musical instruments.

This Program not only promotes musical awareness but instills listening skills and co-operation.


The Rainbow Program supports the development of physical activity skills for Children ages three years and up.

This Program is implemented and supervised by our teaching Staff regularly. The teachers implement physical activities that empower Children to not only feel good about themselves but, provides an outlet for stress, and improves their learning ability and builds co-operative skills.

It also strengthens their bones, improves flexibility, works the heart & lungs, develops co-ordination, balance and helps to maintain a healthy weight.


The Mandarin Program is designed to enhance the Child’s ability to speak, read and write in Mandarin.

Mandarin language is best learned in an immersion environment from a very young age. Children participate in a variety of fun and lively activities centered around Mandarin learning, including art, music, role-playing, games, etc.

To support and encourage the learning of a new language, children are provided with various materials such as workbooks, video clips, and picture symbols, etc.

The Program provides the Children with choices and challenges to promote cooperative learning experiences, both teacher directed and child centered.

Martial Arts

Our Martial Arts Program is specifically designed by a Master of Martial Arts and is implemented weekly at various sites.

The Program focuses on teaching and developing fundamental Martial Arts skills. The children work towards building essential qualities such as self confidence, team work and sportsmanship.

Through the various drills the Children improve their mental and physical strength and become more aware of their surroundings.

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Educational Programs