Ideal Child Services Group ( ICSG ) Privacy Policy

ICSG strives to ensure that all personal information collected from clients and employment applicants is collected, used and stored in a confidential manner.

Our policy applies to personal information of clients, children of clients, applicants for employment and ICSG employees to assure individual privacy rights and confidentiality of personal information.

ICSG embraces the principles of fair information practices as set out in Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act ( PIPEDA).

Identifying Purposes and Consent

Parents or guardians who wish to book a tour or file an application to place their child in one of ICSG’s programs may e-mail their request to a Program Manager. The Program Manager delivers the request to the appropriate ICSG Supervisor who contacts by phone, the person who made the request. First and last name of parent or guardian, phone number, address, and the site at which the parent or guardian wishes to enroll their child is collected with the consent of the parent or guardian. Potential employment candidates may file an application for employment on line. No application to place a child is done on line.

Limiting Use, Disclosure, Retention, Safeguards

ICSG does not share or disclose information collected in connection with enrollment of children or employment applications with any other agency or entity. The collected information is retained in encrypted computer files, password protected with security software maintained by a third party technical provider. In addition paper copies for an individual child’s file are stored in locked filing cabinets in locked Supervisor offices. Similarly job applications are retained on file by the Human Resources Manager.


The applicable site supervisor is accountable for maintaining the confidentiality of personal information collected. Program Managers are responsible for forwarding resumes of potential employment candidates to ICSG Human Resources Manager who is accountable to maintain the confidentiality of the personal information received.

Individual Access

Upon request persons who have provided personal information to ICSG may access that information and challenge the accuracy or completeness of the information and have it amended if appropriate.

Challenging Compliance

Challenges to ICSG’s compliance with the Privacy Policy should be addressed to ICSG’s Human Resources Manager.